Quality blinds and shutters crafted to enhance any window.


Shutters are made from a large range of materials, from natural timbers to a selection of synthetic products. Each material type is chosen for its individual characteristics, whether it be durability, warmth, grain pattern, colour or suitability for special environments. All materials used are of the highest quality, and are sure to add value and character to the home.

All timbers used are sourced from trees planted and grown specifically for the purpose of manufacturing shutters and blinds. It is kiln dried to suit the air moisture content of the intended destination before manufacture to ensure stability upon installation.

Each material type is available in a range of individual standard colours, and for some products, if desired can be finished to a certain custom colour range within the specifications from the factory.

Timber is a natural product, and as such may be subject to slight variations in colour, wood grain & texture, and minor movement may occur. These variations are normal in timber, and add to its natural character.

Reinforced engineered stiles with multiple layers of wood bonded together to reinforce stability form the core of the stile which ensures a robust and durable shutter panel. 

Hand finishing process that involves multiple sandings and coatings with fine layers of stain or paint to achieve a translucent polished appearance. Available in over 50 solid and stain colours including custom colour option that can match any d├ęcor.

All shutters are available for internal use only, as all glues and finishes used in the manufacture of these panels are only suitable for interior applications.